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TRT Cup" medicine culture science activities start


Strongly supported by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Beijing Evening News , Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group, organized the Beijing Morning Post , Legal Evening News , Beijing Daily co "promote the culture of Chinese medicine TCM universal knowledge - " Tong Ren Tang Cup " medicine culture reader science activities "was officially launched .

From the "Yellow Emperor " to " Compendium of Materia Medica " from Beijing Tong Ren Tang drugstore Dashanlan abroad Chinatown Chinese pharmacy , Chinese medicine culture and long history . For some reason , many people in the medical culture poorly understood. Recently launched " TRT Cup" medicine culture reader science activities designed to better dissemination of medical culture , the popularity of medical knowledge for the public to understand the culture and history of Chinese medicine , guide rational people , medication safety , leading the development of the industry , medicine industry to improve degree of standardization , to further promote the traditional Chinese culture, the dissemination of health medicine concept.

The event , there are seven renowned experts within the profession for the public presentation of cultural knowledge of Chinese medicine , Chinese medicine behind mining interesting historical stories and easy to understand in medical knowledge , so that the public can appreciate the charm of Chinese medicine in the text . Seven renowned experts from the capital in terms of knowledge of the history of medicine , authentic ingredients , processing, processing, Pieces identification, doctors name drugs , seasonal health, safety and other drug use in Chinese medicine to explain the full range of cultural knowledge .

To thank the readers attention and , as always, continue to support this activity , the event has also established a quiz session. Beijing Evening News and other newspapers will be published in the medical culture quiz questions, please readers to participate. Also for readers to provide a national theatrical performances tickets issued as a reward readers . In the dissemination of health at the same time , enrich the cultural life of the amateur reader , for art . Organizing Committee will select 70 participants enthusiastically sustained attention from the activities carried out activities reward loyal readers .

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