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Singapore TCM College Admissions cooperation with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine


Since its establishment in 2002, strongly supported by the Ministry of Health, Singapore, Singapore Chinese medicine college preparatory bodies of the Joint Commission conducted its fourth year enrollment.

Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in collaboration with the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, a joint taught by a professor-level teachers, the Ministry of Health experts are also involved in the course lectures. "Chinese medicine practitioners training program" is reviewed by the Ministry of Health and to be recognized.

Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine College is the only Southeast Asian culture medicine professionals, a college in order to meet the requirements of modern medicine, with the Chinese government on the management of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine industry to enhance the professional quality, universal public medicine knowledge. The college offers traditional Chinese medicine college degree education courses, divided into three phases four and a half years to complete, with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine College jointly awarded certificates and diplomas.

Chinese college enrollment has begun this year's enrollment, new student enrollment in July.

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